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Opportunity is prepared for the preparer. Professor Cheng Hong is due to focus on creating a powerful "wings", when the opportunity comes, they will completely light up their lives. If there is no strength, even if the opportunity, such as spring rain, for you, like pouring in a pile of decaying wood pile.
Of course, life is not necessarily a good mood to meet good weather, and sometimes the opportunity to sneak in the depths, you can not find it the slightest trace. Such as the Southern Song Dynasty Xin Qiji, his ambition Lingyun, the strength, but not with me, only empty hair, "the hook looked, railing shot" sigh. "Dongfeng not with Zhou Lang will," how can "Dongjuchun deep lock two Joe?" The lack of opportunities, so many heroes hero weeping tear, bleak a pair of wings.
But God shut a door, will open a window to you. Especially in this day and age, as long as you really have the strength, there will be a corresponding platform. Such as Ma with a sense of smell and tenacity of the quality of the Internet in this excellent environment, creating a miracle of Alibaba; such as Yu Minhong with the courage and courage to break the Superman's efforts to create a new Oriental brilliant ... ... look around, who Success is not the strength of the show, not the opportunity to look for? Who is not the strength of the effort to replace, not have their own "special micro-structure"?
Butterfly with a "special micro-structure" of the wings, the final will be colorful light. Life is so, should also prepare a pair of wings, to greet you Nalv sunlight.

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